Now Officially Using Android Studio


After a few days doing research about Android Studio and now decide to use it for my development tools. Based on my previous post about comparison between Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA that tell if IntelliJ is better than Eclipse.

We know that Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA, and it’s mean that advantages about IntelliJ is owned by Android Studio to. But on my research about using Android Studio i have many experience that almost make my mind to forget about it (Android Studio).

First using Android Studio it is really painfull because by default a development tools to build any application will provide clean source code. But on my experience (because i don’t have any experience before) i read a few links that explain about my problem and nothing works. I remember that i have a friend (we are one team for several years when he still in the college) and i ask to him about my problem. Than he start guide me very well and after 2 hours chat with him i can solve my problem.

My problem is i missing several line of codes that use for check Maven Repository, after i add it i success to try Android Studio.

If you want to read more about or download Android Studio you can follow this link.
Download Android Studio

ps: thank’s to my frinds @PanjieSW

All About Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA for Android Development

I started Eclipse for create mobile application, I use it to create BlackBerry and Android mobile application. To create BlackBerry application on the first time there was 2 editor that we can use, first BlackBerry JDE and Eclipse. If we compare about that i think Eclipse will be a winner, i just found one advantages for using Eclipse than BlackBerry JDE.

When you create mobile application there a condition that you must refactor your code, there some reason from to make our code more clear and change our code more pretty or easy to maintain with team. BlackBerry JDE doesn’t have refactor function, when we want to do refactor we must edit code by line manually. On Eclipse we can found and use refactor function.

But i think Eclipse have disadvantages like memory consumption and it’s major issue when we use computer with minimal specification. Eclipse will use more memory consumption when we use it for create big mobile application, when you try it on Hello World you will not found this. And other disadvantages is there are much that shown on basic IDE even when you don’t need that (and i know that we can hide them manually).

And now i found IntelliJ IDEA, i think it can be an alternative for Eclipse that more light weight, clean. When i try to use it today for create Android application, there are trouble that i found when i import my project but Google can help me about that. I use IntelliJ IDEA for 3 hours but i think will use it to replace Eclipse (but i still have Eclipse as backup plan if IntelliJ IDEA can provide my needs when create mobile application).

If you want to know about IntelliJ IDEA visit Official website.